The Neurophysiology of Classical Computation

Or, "Could a neuroscientist understand a microprocessor?" What can attempting to reverse-engineer classical computing systems like video game consoles teach us about how to reverse-engineer the brain? [more]

Phase imaging through scattering media

How can we exploit novel physics and computational algorithms to see through scattering media like fog and biological tissue?[more]

Connectomic Data Analysis

How do we reverse-engineer the schematic of the brain? And how do we make sense of that data ? [more]

Stochastic Circuits

My Ph.D. thesis work, builting probabilistic computing architecture to make computers work more like brains. [more]

Prior Knowledge

A startup we did in 2011 building a predictive database -- scalable nonparametric bayesian inference to make applications smarter! We were acquired by in 2012. [more]

Neural Data Acquisition

M Eng. work, real-time mixed-signal neural data acquisition. [more]