PyWren: Real-time Elastic Executation at scale

Why is distributed computing so hard, and why is the cloud still so underutilized by many scientific computing applications? We build PyWren, a real-time elastic excution engine to run existing Python code on top of AWS Lambda. Pywren enables elastic transparent map where the executors are containerized python function evaluators. [more]

Predicting Eruptive Solar Events

The Sun is our constant companion, and the complex magnetic environment at the surface of the sun can trigger explosive events with real consequences here on Earth. We explore the viability of predicting a class of these events, solar flares, using the high-throughput data generated by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. [more]

The Neurophysiology of Classical Computation

Or, "Could a neuroscientist understand a microprocessor?" What can attempting to reverse-engineer classical computing systems like video game consoles teach us about how to reverse-engineer the brain? [more]

Phase imaging through scattering media

How can we exploit novel physics and computational algorithms to see through scattering media like fog and biological tissue?[more]

Connectomic Data Analysis

How do we reverse-engineer the schematic of the brain? And how do we make sense of that data ? [more]

Stochastic Circuits

My Ph.D. thesis work, builting probabilistic computing architecture to make computers work more like brains. [more]

Prior Knowledge

A startup we did in 2011 building a predictive database -- scalable nonparametric bayesian inference to make applications smarter! We were acquired by in 2012. [more]

Neural Data Acquisition

M Eng. work, real-time mixed-signal neural data acquisition. [more]