Prior Knowledge

A boy. A Bird. Michael Arrington. Marissa Mayer

I co-founded and was CEO of Prior Knowledge from its founding through our acquisition by at the end of 2012. P(K) was a team of renegade Bayesians building the world's first predictive database, Veritable. We took nonparametric Bayesian inference and scaled it to billions of data points, on the cloud, so that you could say "PREDICT *" just like you can say "SELECT *" with modern databases.

We had some press (here in GigaOm, here in TechCrunch ), and presented at Tech Crunch Disrupt, which was fun.

Most of the credit goes to the team, including Vimal Bhalodia, Beau Cronin, Cap Petschulat, Max Gasner, Fritz Obermeyer, and Jonathan Glidden. I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful group of people to climb a scary stochastic mountain with.