Homesick for the future

She’s homesick for a future

Can’t stomach what she’s told

On every street in every town

All her days are up and down

(Chumbawumba, “The Big Issue”)

Yes, I started a blog. I seemed to be writing a lot of things over and over in e-mail that I could instead clean up and publish on the internet. Don’t expect frequent updates or even rapid responses to common issues. I was going to call this a collection of essays, except that sounds incredibly pretentious unless you’re already someone people want to listen to..

Expect scientific and technical opinions, and all that hard-won-why-does-it-hurt-so-much knowledge that you can’t actually turn into a scientific publication. Also, I’ve always loved the idea behind the TR arXiv blog even the particular selection of articles hasn’t always been to my liking. So maybe I’ll put up some references to what I’m currently reading. Hey, it works for Tyler Cowen.

And maybe, just maybe, hanging a giant “mock me” sign on the internet will encourage me to be more transparent about my progress and more rigourous when defending my opinions. One can hope. Then again, I’m the kind of guy who quotes ridiculous euro-pop from his teenage years.